Glad Tidings' Discipleship Institute (GTDI) is our on-site ministry school. Our training includes quality classroom instruction, pastoral mentoring, and hands-on ministry participation. GT’s incredible ethnic diversity – there are people from over 30 countries – is even greater than that of the surrounding City. These factors combined with GT’s commitment to Spirit-driven ministry create an environment adequate to the task of preparing students for success in whatever area of ministry God may call them to.


Our goal is to equip men and women for Spirit-driven ministry and mission.  We accomplish this by:

•  Providing comprehensive Biblical and practical instruction 

•  Immersing students in the full scope of ministry operations at a growing, international church that is currently experiencing a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.

•  Sustaining an environment of accountability and mentoring through community living and working partnerships with staff pastors.

The thing that sets GTDI apart from other programs is the complete immersion in a life of ministry.  

In GTDI, you will gain experience in...

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