GT has been been a part of the Fillmore District since its founding by Robert and Mary Craig in 1913.

Glad Tidings was an early center of the Pentecostal movement in the years after the 20th Century Awakening that began in places like Wales, India, North Korea, and Los Angeles. Some of the defining characteristics of this movement in the U.S. were unprecedented racial integration, inclusion of women in ministry, miracles and supernatural healings, and an explosion of people being sent out to the ends of the earth with the message of Jesus. This last part resulted in the founding of Glad Tidings Bible Institute, the mission of which was to train missionaries and ministers for whatever God was calling them to do in service to Him. GTBI remained on-site on Ellis St until 1952 when it moved to Scotts Valley, CA and became Bethany Bible College.

Over time, the church began to lose meaningful connection with the rapidly changing City. The church began to look less and less like the surrounding community, and less and less like the barrier-breaking counterculture that defined the original Pentecostal awakening. The church struggled to find out what it meant to be a people faithful to Jesus and to make an impact in the community in a time when American culture was undergoing a revolution, traditional values (especially those informed by Christianity) were being discarded, and the world found itself living under the threat of nuclear annihilation.

These are the men and women who sacrificed and served to keep GT alive and thriving from its founding through the 20th Century.

In the year 2000, Pastors Forrest and Christina Beiser came to Glad Tidings. Through their vision, passion, and tireless labor, they succeeded in turning the tide of decline, and restoring the church to the best of its roots in the Pentecostal movement: passionate worship and prayer, a conviction about the availability of God’s power today, the necessity of discipleship, the importance of establishing a multi-cultural community, equipping people for and releasing them into the call of God, and the conviction that Christians’ lives should look like Jesus’. In 17 years, they transformed a struggling, discouraged, and divided church of 37 people into the life- and faith-filled family that GT is today.

  • Robert and Mary Craig – 1913-1941

  • Leland R. Keys – 1941-1953

  • Nelson E. Hinman – 1954-1956

  • Donald F. Lehmann – 1956-1959

  • Floyd W. Thomas – 1959-1979

  • Melvin T. Johnson – 1980-1995

  • Timothy Zemanek – 1996-1998

  • Jeff Green – 1998-1999

  • Forrest and Christina Beiser – 2000-2017

  • Tim and Katie Gavigan – 2018-