Our Mission Statement is pretty straightforward:

Love God. Love Each Other.

Love the City. Change the World.

But each one of those words is like a snowflake at the very top of the tip of an iceberg compared to the reality that it represents.  

So in order to fill that out a little, here are what we’ve been referring to as our core values:


It all begins and ends with Jesus. If we put Him in proper focus, everything else will fall into place.


We believe that the Bible is God’s loving gift to us, His perfect counsel to us about how to live in His world.


We plan, but we expect and hope that the Spirit of God will invade our services and do what He wants to do.


What we’ve discovered in Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves. We partner with people locally and around the world to share what we have received from Him.


We love each other sacrificially - because our life together should be the best evidence that the message we proclaim is true.

Even with all of these words, there are so many more things we want you to know about our church.  We are...

a House of Healing

a House of Freedom

a City of Refuge

a House of Prayer for all Nations

a House of Worship

and a place of calling on God for an outpouring of His Spirit on the City that we love.

But far more than we want to tell you all these things, we want you to experience them for yourself. We invite you to stop in this Sunday. More than likely, someone in the family will notice that you’re visiting and they’ll make an effort to connect with you. If not, don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet some of the incredible people God has called together from every conceivable background and ethnicity. Our hope is that by the time you come for a second visit, you’ll feel like you’re coming home.